Transition to Flag

3 March 2017 dated 29996 numbered and published in the Official Gazette dated 3 March 2017 and numbered 29996 Within the scope of the Communiqué on the Transition of Boats Located Abroad or Hoisting Foreign Flags to the Turkish Flag;

1. The following conditions are sought by the port authorities for the registration or registration of yachts, cottages, boats, passenger and recreational vessels that are abroad or have hoisted a foreign flag and for entry into free circulation:

a) A document showing that it was acquired before 27/1/2017 and that it is in the records of the country whose flag it carries,

b) A commitment that the document indicating that the country whose flag it carries has been cancelled from the registration of the country whose flag it carries will be brought within 60 (sixty) days from the date of application,

c) If the person on whose behalf the boat will be registered is a real person, T.R. identification number, if a legal person; signature circular, trade registry gazette, tax number,

ç) Making a ship name application over the internet,

d) Document showing that the licence fee or fee for registration in the mooring register has been paid,

e) Measurement of the vessels to be registered in the ship registry according to national legislation,

f) For registration in the mooring register, the measurement values of the boat in the existing records are taken as basis.

2. The boat owner/owners are responsible for the measurement process according to the national legislation within 1 (one) year at the latest after the mooring register licence is issued.

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