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The process of boat painting varies depending on the color selection, type of paint, and application method. Achieving a smooth, glossy finish that reflects light is the key to obtaining a beautiful appearance.

Furthermore, to avoid unwanted issues such as color fading, paint bubbling, cracks, or runs in the future, it is crucial to choose marine-grade materials and paints that can withstand marine conditions. In the painting process, a dust-free and dry environment, as well as weather conditions, play a significant role. Additionally, the surface should be smooth, and the bonding substrate should be compatible with the paint, which are crucial factors to consider.

To make your boat look brand new and maintain a pristine appearance for years to come, we provide yacht painting services with our expert team. With our references and experience, we are here to deliver the best possible results for your project.


The harmful UV rays of the sun, dust, acid rain, air pollution, resins, improper washing, cheap market shampoos, excessive salts in seawater, abrasive particles, and airborne paint particles are among the many factors that can adversely affect the durability and gloss of yacht paint surfaces over time. Therefore, periodic maintenance is required to protect and renew the yacht’s paint.

This maintenance process typically involves “compounding” and “polishing.” Compounding is the process of removing the top layer of the yacht’s layered paints. The surface is cleaned, and a polishing machine is used to perform the compounding process. Polishing, on the other hand, enhances the surface’s gloss and prepares the yacht for use.

These maintenance procedures enhance both the aesthetic appearance and the durability of the paint, prolonging the lifespan of the yacht. Owners can protect their yachts and prolong their usability by regularly performing these procedures.


Yacht refit procedures are crucial for extending the lifespan and ensuring the safety of the yacht. These procedures encompass various services such as painting, engine maintenance, renewal of electrical and electronic systems, interior and exterior decoration, and more.

Environmental factors that yachts are exposed to can affect the durability and gloss of their surfaces over time. Therefore, yacht painting should be performed together with surface cleaning and polishing procedures. Additionally, regular maintenance of the yacht’s engine is important as it prolongs its lifespan and enhances safety.

Electrical and electronic systems play a vital role in the safety and operation of yachts. Any components that need renewal or have become worn out should be replaced. Furthermore, interior decoration and furniture renewal procedures also play a significant role in yacht refurbishment. Complete yacht refit services encompass all the necessary procedures to enhance the lifespan and safety of the yacht.

Through these services, your yacht will acquire a renewed appearance, allowing you to enjoy its use for many more years with safety.


While the importance of hull maintenance is high, it should be noted that yacht maintenance is not limited to the hull alone. Yacht maintenance requires careful inspection of every part of the vessel. For example, the yacht’s engine, electrical systems, electronic devices, equipment, ropes, and many other components require regular maintenance.

Yacht maintenance is crucial not only for extending the vessel’s lifespan but also for the safety of the yacht owner. Rather than traveling on a yacht that lacks regular maintenance, yacht owners can enjoy a safer and more pleasant yachting experience on a well-maintained vessel. Additionally, regular maintenance helps yacht owners reduce future costs. Therefore, it is recommended that yacht owners work with a reliable technical service provider to perform regular maintenance on their vessels.

A reputable technical service provider will ensure that your yacht receives the necessary maintenance, prolonging its lifespan and enabling a safer and more enjoyable yachting experience.


For newly constructed boats, the process begins with raw wood, while for repaired boats, the existing varnish is scraped off to expose the raw wood surface. The surface is then sanded and leveled gradually. The use of varnish that is suitable for the boat’s surface conditions ensures the highest performance.

The applied varnishes are selected to withstand marine conditions and provide a deep and rich gloss. Moreover, the use of high-quality and environmentally friendly varnishes helps extend the lifespan of the boat’s wood and is equipped with UV filters. Applying varnish using brushes and spray guns is a task that requires professionalism and an experienced hand. Our team ensures the necessary professional craftsmanship to guarantee your satisfaction.

Whether it is for a newly constructed or repaired vessel, you may contact us for varnishing services.


We offer our Teak Refurbishment service to enhance the appearance and performance of your yachts. In this service, the surfaces of your yachts are completely renewed and restored to their original condition. Additionally, we utilize technological innovations to improve the performance of your yacht.

As part of our Teak Refurbishment service, the surface of your yacht is thoroughly sanded, and paint layers and harmful substances are removed. Then, new coatings made from different materials are applied based on the needs of your yacht. This enhances the durability and performance of your yacht. Furthermore, we can completely renovate the interior of your yacht with our interior refurbishment service. This includes the complete renewal of the interior design, furniture, electrical and electronic systems, lighting, and ventilation systems of your yacht.

With our Teak Refurbishment service, we do everything to refurbish and modernize your yacht. You can work with our professional team to design your dream yacht. For more information about our Teak Refurbishment service, please contact us.

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